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Buzz Track: Flo Rida feat T-Pain - Zoosk Girl...What is a Zoosk Girl???

Seems the kind people over at just hit the lottery with an imminent spike in pop culture relevance through this club track, which is destined to turn into a club anthem this summer. For those of you not in the know," is a safe, fun, and delightful online dating site for millions of singles to interact and search for their matches." Translation - An internet dating site that is targeted for the younger crowd , as opposed sites like E-Harmony, Perfect and

What's the difference between Zoosk and the other internet dating sites? To put it in basic terms, young adults growing up in the internet generation who are now in their 20's and 30's wouldn't be caught dead on internet dating sites because generally speaking, it has attached to it a stigma that reeks of desperation. In other words, we feel like we have enough "less desparate" ways to meet people online, plus have a grasp on how "un-secure" the internet is and are (generally speaking) subsequently careful about what personal information we share online because we find it "creepy" when people we do not know, knows stuff about us. Feel free to stop me when I'm wrong, but nowadays even Facebook friending someone can be a tenuous situation depending on whether you've met the person face to face, have mutual friends or haven't met at all. Needless to say, when it comes to unwritten social rules, it (usually) pays to be least on the internet.

So how is Zoosk going to attract the younger adult crowd? With songs like this! I'm only half joking because knowing the impact popular Hip Hop has on pop culture, this movement could SERIOUSLY gain some steam and do wonders when it comes to changing that "stigma" I alluded to in the paragraph above. It also helps that Zoosk has integrated their site with other social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and Hi5. Throw in an iPhone app and you've got yourself a substantially integrated platform that caters to a younger demographic (note in that iPhone app all of the ladies pictured are in their 20's). Apparently Zoosk also has 50 million members, 8 million of which use the Facebook App daily. I just found a review of Zoosk in hopes of contradicting/supporting my opinions above and interestingly enough, the review shares the same opinion. Here are the Demographic section and Summary of the editor's review from

Almost all of Zooskers or Zoosk members also have Facebook accounts, so there is a wide selection of date cards to browse. Most of the Zoosk members come from the United States. According to, the site attracts more African-Americans, most of which are teenage females.


If you’re young and cool, you’ll love the way Zoosk interfaces with other social networking sites. This is Zoosk’s advantage over all online dating sites. With Zoosk, one would never think that you’re too old. It’s the coolest way to meet and date people through the Internet.
Interesting...especially that Flo Rida and T-Pain would do a song about an internet dating site that attracts more African American teenage females than any other online dating site. Talk about self serving, they probably did the track to get more girls on there to browse through...haha. All joking aside, wouldn't that be crazy if Zoosk got flooded by guys as a result of the demographic info getting out??

The real story behind Zoosk girl began with T-Pain's boy, Tay Dizm who was raving about a fine girl he met on Elrin "E-Class" Prince, Poe Boy Music Group CEO (Flo Rida's record label) is quoted explaining,
"He (Tay Dizm) was talking all kind of mess about how good she looked and that she actually had good credit. T-Pain responded from the booth and was like "I need me a Zoosk Girl". The jokes then turned into a song and It went from there."

"I then hooked up with my buddy who owns The Kluger Agency, they handle most major artists relationships with brands. Since the song was clearly a smash, we decided to work something strategic out with Zoosk to amp the promotions for the song, which is now Flo's Hype Single off his album The Only One". 
Background info aside this track has the same tempo as their previous classic track Low that lit up clubs for a few years. By the way, shouts out to DJ Montay, I never heard anybody give love to him for producing the beat for Low, so daps & lbs to you sir. While JRock did his part in the production of this new track by aiming for the heart of Hip Pop the same way DJ Montay did, I don't think this one is going to live up to Flo Rida and T Pain's previous hit. The folks at Canaan Partners, ATA Ventures and Bessmer Venture Partners clearly knew what was up before this song hit because they are all stakeholders in Zoosk. #justsayin #plant$trees

Be on the look out for another T-Pain Flo Rida collabo called I'm Dancin' coming soon off T-Pain's new album.Give it a listen and I'll see you all on Zoosk......

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Flo Rida feat T-Pain - Zoosk Girl (prod by JRock)


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