Monday, April 05, 2010

Jason Derulo - Together We'll Sing (prod by JR Rotem)

Somehow this one managed to get cut from Jason's newly released album that is currently sitting at #52 on the Billboard top 10. I've questioned aloud why his first album was only 9 songs especially when he has unfinished tracks or demo tracks that would have been great additions to his (already) popular album. I wouldn't have even dared classify this one as a "filler" track as the emotion and lyrical content reel you in with the story of real life struggles.

The slow piano vibe set off by none other than JR himself, leads the way for an emotion evoking, personally accessible track that deal with subjects like heartbreak over losing someone you love to a war overseas and the struggles a single mom with cancer goes through after an unintended pregnancy. Pretty heavy stuff and despite this track sounding like a demo that is missing a third verse, its potential to be a powerful track can't be ignored.

Take it for what its worth, but the picture painted by this track is very real for a lot of people, which is something to keep in mind when you're thinking life is picking on could always be worse homie. #shotofperspective

Check it out...

Jason Derulo - Together We'll Sing (prod by JR Rotem) Slow Jam!!!


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