Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Artist Spotlight: Na Palm

As I alluded to earlier in the week, Chi-town is becoming more and more of a hotbed of talented Hip Hop artists. Sure we all know The Cool Kids, Kanye, Lupe, Common, Rhymefest, even further back to the 90s when The Legendary Traxster was layin' down consistently under-appreciated beats for the likes of Do or Die and Twista. For the record, Do or Die's Headz or Tailz album was hands down one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of the 1990s. Yea everybody loved Still Po Pimpin', but Just Ballin' and All in the Club were my two favorite tracks on that disk I still rock to this day.

But this post isn't meant to pay homage to those who have made themselves a name in the Windy City, it's more to shine the light on an up and coming artist, Craig Steven Palm aka Na Palm, who is quietly making a name for himself. I say quietly because dude has over 17,000 fans on his Facebook page and you haven't even heard his music yet. Shit I'd be happy if 17,000 people recognized my name, let alone followed me on Facebook (hah!). I'm not even tryin' to take full credit for stumbling on him either, a couple of buddies I went to High School with schooled me on his stuff recently (good look Herring!) and since that, I've taken a liking to some of his material, most notably his new single Go Go Girl.

Not lacking on charisma once he grabs the mic, with high energy flow and engaging stage presence, Nay epitomizes the hype the you'd expect from someone heavily influenced by the movement that was Chicago House. Unafraid to call out Asher Roth on a diss record, describing his personality as off the chain may not do him justice. Matter of fact, if you've been around Chicago of late, you might have seen your boy out at any and all clubs in the area (Crescendo, Enclave, Alhambra Palace, V Live - THIS SUNDAY!) goin' AbraHAM Lincoln, doin' his best to live up to his unapologetic "Party Rapper" image.
(art by Na Palm)
As far as his music is concerned, I'll be honest, I've heard just as many freestyles as actual tracks, but the non-freestyles are every bit techno/house/go go as they are Hip Hop. In fact, you should probably go check out a lot more of Na Palm's stuff on FakeShoreDrive, the home of all that is Chicago Hip Hop on the internet. I've got a lot of respect for the quality the folks over at FakeShore have been putting out for over three years, you'd probably be better off and more in the know Hip Hop wise by subscribing to their feed or becoming a fan on Facebook or Twitter. Needless to say they probably don't need a shout out in comparison to the small but steady grind I've got goin' on with this site, but my buddy is good friends with the creator, so I'm sure he'd appreciate the support.

Back to the track at hand, his new single Go Go Girl, which sounds more like it came from DC, than Chi-town. Starts out with a lil' piano & melody delivered by Ben One, giving way to a syncopated, upbeat rhythm, shadowed by a measured bass, snare, hi-hat. All elements characteristic of the Go-Go flavored Hip Hop that artists like Wale have recently started bringing to the limelight with tracks like this.The rhythmic, but soothing vibe of this track is a 180 compared to a lot of the party tracks that Na Palm has done, but it's a safe bet to get him more than a few listens on radio stations. Big fan of the unique sound of the track, more artists in the game should have the same fearlessness to develop their own Hip Hop sound rather than rely on the tired old cookie cutter, vanilla formula.

Check out the track and go show him some love this Sunday when he and another favorite new act of mine, 2 AM Club are opening for Mike Posner at V Live....

Na Palm - Go Go Girl Hot New Single

As a bonus, here are two more sides to Na Palm's game, the first being a hard hitting party/techno track called Two Days Straight, which sounds like a shot of Goldschlager. The second is a recent freestyle I managed to find on a stroll down FakeShoreDrive. First one will get you dancin' in the club, the second will give you an appreciation for some quality lyricism...

Na Palm - Two Days Straight House Rap

Na Palm - The Coolest (Freestyle Remix) Dope

...and in case you haven't been schooled on the main act for Sunday night's concert, check out a crazy remix of Mike Posner's new track Cooler Than Me...

Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix) Great Remix!


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