Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bruno Mars feat David Guetta - World Goes On

This may be your last chance to get on the Bruno Mars bandwagon as he continues his onslaught of high quality collaborations with David Guetta being the recipient of his services this time. I'd liken this to gettin' it while the gettin' is good as Guetta clearly knows how to spot rising stars Hip Hop and R&B stars (Cudi, Novel, Shanell). If there is any question about whether or not he has a great voice, he absolutely answered it on his collabo with Travie McCoy on Billionaire. Still love that song...

Anyways this one is a little more uptempo, mellow house music...that kind of dance track you can mellow out too cause it's not too in your face, but it's still upbeat. Great match of styles with Bruno getting to show off the vocals over a melodic Guetta backdrop. Has a real contemporary feel to it almost to the point of pop, but I gotta give 'em some love, they're two of my favorite up and coming artists.

Give it a listen and quit takin' a nap on Earth as you're sailing past Mars....

Bruno Mars feat David Guetta - World Goes On Hotttt!!!


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