Saturday, March 25, 2017

"I Don't Care Who's Watching, Dennis Rodman"

It doesn't get any more random than Dennis Rodman, especially on a cameo feature for a new single. But, random is exactly what Mike Posner and Blackbear do, so there should be little surprise that they would script a track around the enigmatic former Chicago Bull. Off top, the bubbly beat sucks you in as it leads you toward a rock/funk break down. It's the type of sing-songy, hybrid R&B/Pop/Hip Hop style that you'd expect from mansionz. Especially after seeing them at the Grammys letting their freak flag fly free, the pieces to the puzzle all add up.

Could I have done without the mindless babbling of Dennis Rodman at the end of the track? Sure, but it gives an authenticity to the track that wouldn't be there without hearing his voice, so I get why they added it. It'll be a solid addition to their self-titled debut that just landed on iTunes yesterday. How could you not give it a listen after a ringing endorsement like this...

I'll need to be in the mood for randomness, but at some point over the next week I'll doing a few laps around it on Spotify...#DennisRodman

mansionz feat Dennis Rodman - Dennis Rodman


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