Monday, March 27, 2017

"Down and Down We Go, We'll Torch This Place We Know"

With about a week left before The Chainsmokers debut album drops, you'd think they'd be riding the wave of their latest single with Coldplay leading up to the release. More specifically, you've probably heard Something Like This playing into a commercial on an NCAA basketball tournament game or heard the candlelight version of Don't Let Me Down that was turned into an All-State commercial. For some that would be plenty of momentum, but today we got one last push in the form of The One.

To put things into context, their new one will serve as the lead off hitter on Memories...Do Not Open. Like most tracks that Alex and Drew put together, there's plenty of added meaning soaked into the lyrics. Similar to the way we all felt Drake's rise to fame in visceral way because of how transparent he lyrically in his music, The Chainsmokers pulled back the curtain a bit on this one in opening up about how they're having to constantly prioritize life's increasing demands. It's not an easy thing to empathize with since many of us couldn't even imagine the doors that have opened up in their life, but fame forces you to change in a lot of ways you may not have intended. I can say personally I appreciate that they still take the time to email over their new music and maintain a connection with people who have been down with them since the beginning.

The One may not end up being your favorite track on their album, but it will be one of mine because of it's authenticity and depth. It gets away from the upbeat catchy sound of the past singles and returns to a mellow vibe, characterized by a soft, mesmorizingly chill bassline. It's a good look that I'm considering icing on the cake as I continue to anxiously eye the other nine yet-to-be-released tracks that will arrive on April 7th...#MemoriesDoNotOpen

The Chainsmokers - The One


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