Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Never Trust a Girl at Coachella"

Maybe it's the music nerd in me, but I genuinely appreciate hearing about how songs came to be. Whether it's a friend of a friend introduction that turned into a collaboration, a song about a significant other that went bad, or in this case, a shared festival experience, I'm usually inclined to spend my time sharing stories that move me. Usually I do a quick summary, but thanks to Matoma, I can sit this explanation out...

"I played my first ever Coachella last year and it was a truly incredible experience. Between the two weekends I was doing writing sessions in L.A. and met up with Nasri from MAGIC! who I have always been a huge fan of because of their feel-good reggae-inspired music.

We wanted to write a song about Coachella since I had the moment of my life at that festival, so we came up with this story about a girl who teases with a guy’s feelings at heart at the festival. It's just a fun story about the good vibes and reckless fun that people experience at a music festival.

We finished the song really quickly and then asked D.R.A.M. if he could do a verse since we felt a rapper could take the song to exciting new heights. After hearing his verse I can from my heart say that he nailed it. I was so honoured to work with such amazing artists and hope you love this feel-good summer song!"

I usually associate Matoma with Trop House, so seeing a collabo with MAGIC! really piqued my interest. I don't have too many examples to go off of, but mixing anything reggae with Trop House is usually a good look. The subject of the track is pretty self-explanatory, but I feel like the sheer fact that they based on it meeting a girl at a music festival is a genius move. I'm apathetic about D.R.A.M.'s verse, but with all the music festivals popping up weekly, you can bet this one will have a ton of replay potential. Give it an iTunes or Spotify if you feel like beating your friends to the punch on this one before summer festival season starts...#GirlAtCoachella

Matoma feat MAGIC! & D.R.A.M. - Girl At Coachella


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