Friday, March 03, 2017

Videos of the Week March 3rd

Since we're still knee deep in award season, you're getting a large dose of live performances again this week. Kicking off the week was the cast of The Voice coming together to collaborate on a TLC Waterfalls cover. I was a bit surprised by the folk/country vibe of the track, but given the odd-pairing of pop styles coming together, it makes more sense the more I think about it. Needless to say, no shortage of vocal talent on that cover.

If music videos are what you're after, you'll enjoy Gallant's new video for Talking to Myself. Anything that man touches turns sexy, believe that. If you're starting to get stoked for summer movie season, then the newest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer surely took those expectations a notch higher. Such awesome personality on all those characters, can't wait for the new one to come out.

And then we've got the Oscars. It was tempting to post the confusing ending of the award show, but you've probably already seen it by now and it's kind of a train wreck watch. In turn, I decided to post my favorite moment and performance. By far my favorite performance was Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli'l Cravahlo's performance of How Far I'll Go from Moana. If you've seen the movie, you got goosebumps watching that. And finally, my favorite moment of then night when an unsuspecting bus full of tourists became the entertainment for everyone. There's so much comedy goodness baked into that clip that it wouldn't be right for me to try and summarize it, just watch it...#Yulree

Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Perform Waterfalls

Gallant - Talking to Myself (Video)

Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Trailer)

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli'l Cravahlo Perform How Far I'll Go from Moana

Bus Full of Tourists Gets to Experience the Oscars

Photo Credit: YouTube


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