Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"I'm Damned 2 Loving You"

Not sure how I missed this one when it flew across the radar a few weeks back, but hopefully you can hear the regret in my implied internet voice. DJ Premier teaming up with Miguel on a track? Hell to the yea, that's a great idea that someone should have thought of months ago. If you're a Miguel fan, 2 LOVIN U is going to sound really familiar because the vocals are from a bonus track off his last album titled damned. Normally I'd post the original version to compare, but the new version with Primo is leaps and bounds better. For newly minted visuals, check it below...

Miguel's vocals fit like a glove over the vibrant, thumping beat with cuts and breaks galore. Can't say for sure what album this will ultimately end up on, but it was released via DJ Premier's new TTT (To The Top) outfit, which is interesting. In some cases like this one, I'm totally fine with sweating the details on a track as I run laps around it...#2LOVINU

Miguel - 2 LOVIN U (prod by DJ Premier)


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