Saturday, March 11, 2017

"'Cause Your Feelings Anesthesia, Word to Keisha"

There are few things in music right now that get me as pumped as the rolling basslines of Kaytranada. This time he laid an exquisite foundation for GoldLink to rattle off his pitter-patter flow on Meditation. Don't get me wrong, I get why GoldLink is as hot as he is right now, he's got mad skills on the mic. But my goodness, I could vibe out to the instrumental on this track all night.

Can't forget to give some love to Jazmine Sullivan on the hook too. Her contribution gave the listener a quick break from the non-stop intensity of GoldLink's verses. It's the second track he's put out this week following on the coat tails of Crew. Two very different tracks, but both fire in their own right. Whatever you do this Spring, stay on the look out because GoldLink is probably coming to a city near you...#Meditation

GoldLink feat Jasmine Sullivan & Kaytranada - Meditation


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