Saturday, March 18, 2017

"I Hear My Battle Symphony, All the World in Front of Me"

As we turn the page to start another chapter in Linkin Park's reinvented sound, I present to you Battle Symphony. Some may have thought Heavy was an outlier, but no sir, this thoughtful, contemporary new sound may be what they are now. They've always made emotional music, but there used to be a lot more rock edge and rage in the past. Not saying it's a bad thing at all, I liked who they have been and I'm beginning to like what they're evolving into. Shoot, they're even upping their game to get on par with their lyric video game...

For those who missed it, their new album, One More Light, will be dropping on May 19th. It may end up being a polarizing album because of how different it is from previous albums, but I'd encourage those who liked them through the Chester screaming days to hold back judgement until the full, ten song album drops. They've always made music that makes you feel and they're continuing to do that with added depth, so think long and hard before you hate on their "new sound"...#BattleSymphony

Linkin Park - Battle Symphony


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