Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"I Got You Keeping Me Afloat, When I'm in Your Waterfall"

I've been writing about Stargate tracks dating back eight years ago when they were producing tracks for the likes of Brandy and Beyonce. The Norwegian production duo have a discography that would put 99% of producers to shame both on the number of collaborations they've pulled together and the star power they've worked with over the years. Just in case you forgot about them, they just released another new noteworthy single with vocal help from Pink and Sia. It's every bit the power duet you'd expect from two of the best vocalists in the game, but the slow and sexy Dancehall vibe is why you'll keep hitting play. It may have taken them years, but Waterfall is the first time Stargate listed themselves as the lead artist on a track. They must like playing the behind the scenes, supporting role because their music speaks for itself. Hopefully they'll put a whole album together so I can continue to speculate why it's taken them so long to play the Batman role...#Waterfall

Stargate feat Pink & Sia - Waterfall


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