Thursday, March 09, 2017

"You Were Made of Matches and You Burned Me Down"

When I hear the name Cash Cash, the thought of fun dance music comes to mind. Most recently I'm thinking Millionaire or How to Love, but I'm willing to go back all the way to their collabo with Bebe Rexha on Take Me Home. Simply put, the three brothers from Jersey bring a lighthearted energy to their music that's easy to like.

That trend continued on their latest single with Rozes, Matches. At first, you might confuse it with a power ballad, but the triumphant, Future Bass feel on the drop will tell you otherwise. We got our first glimpse of Rozes vocal talents on The Chainsmokers' Roses and she continued to show off her emotionally charged vocal prowess on this one. When all is said and done, this one may not match the heights of Millionaire, but it's destined to get plenty of love on Top 40 radio. Don't be bashful y'all, crank this one out and sing along with me...#Matches

Cash Cash feat Rozes - Matches


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