Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"My Wife Beyoncé, I Brag Different"

It would appear Jigga hasn't lost even a half step over the years when it comes to crafting legendary verses. Between his verse on Pusha's Drug Dealers Anonymous and his verse on DJ Khaled's new I Got the Keys, age clearly ain't nothin but a number to him skill wise. Judging by the ridiculous amount of cameos in the video below and Khaled's penchant for Snapchat mastery, there's little chance that this won't have staying power. It along with a whole lot of other fabulous cameos will be landing on Khaled's upcoming Major Key album. You know, that album where he's posing with a lion on the cover? Yep, that'd be the one. If you can get over Future's repetitive, autotune yelling, there's a bangin' beat cooked up by Southside underneath the madness that you can nod your head to...#IGotTheKeys

DJ Khaled feat Jay Z & Future - I Got the Keys (prod by Southside)


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