Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Goodbye Cruel World, I'm Leaving You Today"

Yessssssss!!! It's been a long time since I've felt energized to the point of slow clapping after listening to a new Cudi track. Everything about Goodbye is littered with what makes him such a force when he's on his game. I'm talking about the creepy, cinematic elements, and unorthodox, melancholy storytelling. With help from his right hand man and WZRD collaborator Dot da Genius, they were able to summon the greatness once again.

Off top with the 2pac "You right, I am crazy" sample from the movie Juice, the mood was set. Then came the eerie synths and heavy, forceful bass put Cudi squarely into his element on the mic. He dropped two stellar verses and sprinkled in a characteristically somber hook to for contrast. The Pink Floyd influence can't be understated because the original sample allowed for the duo to create such drastic shifts in mood on the track that forced you to keep listening. Peep the sample below if you aren't familiar with Goodbye Cruel World and stay on the look out for Cudi's new Pain & Demon Slayin album that's coming soon...#GoodbyeCruelWorld

Kid Cudi - Goodbye (prod by WZRD)


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