Thursday, June 23, 2016

Missy Elliot and Fall Out Know Who You're Gonna Call

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new Ghostbusters theme. Part of me really wants to like it because Patrick Stump's vocals are always on point and Fall Out Boy is capable of making great music, but maaaaan, beyond that I'm Not Afraid was tough to take in. The Missy Elliot verse was a bit of a round peg in a square hole and that doesn't even begin to address the large square hole that was the original sample being morphed into this pop/rock sound. The closest anyone ever came to doing the theme justice was Chill Harris's Future Funk remix a few years back, but in general, it's a really tough track to improve upon. No matter what you're never gonna match the repeatability and over 80s-synthiness of it, so trying to remake it feels like a futile effort. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the tracks on the Soundtrack, but so far, it's been a bit of an underwhelming record so far...#Ghostbusters


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