Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Something Got You Up At Night, So Tell Me Who Goin' Call"

I'm starting to feel embarrassed at the lack of G-Eazy I've posted in this corner of the internet. You'd think that GWDJ being headquartered in the Bay Area and being bombarded by his various Warriors anthems would have resulted in him growing on me. Sadly, it's taken until this new Ghostbusters track with Jeremih to get some damn love! I hate to call it corny because G-Eazy lit up the mic with his verses, but it's a bit sing-alongy to be respected for the Hip Hop track it's wanting to be. Jeremih is unstoppable on any hook, but the bubbly Pop beat didn't afford him much room work with. It will be interesting to see whether or not this new all women comedian cast for Ghostbusters lives up to the hype, but Saw it Coming didn't have an impact either way on whether or not I'll be seeing it. Lets just hope the massive trailer dislike fest isn't an indication for what's to come because the cast has a lot of potential...#SawItComing


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