Sunday, June 05, 2016

"I'm Back Where I Belong, No Matter Where I'm From"

At this point, we should all feel lucky to hear new music that has Avicii's name anywhere near it. Since the release of his last album, he's retired from making new music and severely cut down on the amount of live performances. Considering the health scares he's undergone, nobody can blame him for making the move to retire. I'd even go as far as saying that other artists struggling with "the life" that goes along with being a superstar should take note before they find their picture in a slideshow on the Grammys of fallen artists for the year.

Enter Otto Knows, a childhood friend of Avicii's from Sweden (see cover art above) who is on a come up of his own. Not only is this the first hint of music from Avicii since he's retired, it's also the first and only track he's ever been featured on. That's pretty crazy because it implicitly means that all the music he's been a part of has originated from him. Back Where I Belong is everything you'd want in a nostalgic, "take me home" type of track. The song title is interesting from a conspiracy theory perspective because you could imagine Avicii caught a lot of flack for retiring in his prime and this song could be construed as a defiant answer to those haters. Whatever the case, it's a feel good track that follows the tried and true formula of folk sounding vocals over a strong piano beat that morphs into an inspirational progressive house beat after the drop. I dig the addition of horns to the beat too, it gives an element of uniqueness to the Pop/EDM sound of the track. I'm with you in crossing my fingers that Avicii is going to continue keeping an open mind to collaborations like this with Otto Knows...#BackWhereIBelong


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