Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"You Lookin' Like a Fruit Platter, I'ma Bite Into Your Peach"

Wait a minute...Scott Storch is back?? Going down memory lane for a minute, he was at the top of the music industry about a decade ago, producing tracks like Cry Me a River, Still D.R.E., Lean Back, Candy Shop, and Just a Lil Bit to name a few. Then came the superstardom, fast money, women, cars and drugs...you know how the story goes when $70 million turns into $100 and bankruptcy. It's always a sad tale, yet the empathy is never quite there for anyone who makes Erlich Backman type decisions that lead them down a desperate path.

But luckily for those who have made unfortunate decisions, there's always a path out of being broke if you're talented. There's never been a question about Scott's talents and while the beat on All Eyez isn't one of my favorites of his, I'm sincerely glad to hear his vibrant instrumentals again. If you're a fan of some edgy pillow talk, you'll enjoy all the ways Game and Jeremih lead your mind to the gutter in their new one. In case you missed it, Game just dropped his new Streets of Compton album last week, but you won't find this new one on it. My guess is this ends up on some deluxe version of the album, but until then Soundcloud and a single will have to do...#ScottStorch

The Game feat Jeremih - All Eyez (prod by Scott Storch)


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