Friday, June 17, 2016

Videos of the Week June 17th

Given the events of the last week in Orlando, it was legitimately hard to find fun, inspiring, non-political videos. Luckily artists like Bassnectar were there to save the day with tasteful, creative visuals. His video for Reaching Out was a carnival of illusion wrapped in mellow bass. If you were to watch one video this week, it would be that one.

Aside from that, Major Lazer chipped in a fairly typical Hip Hop video with an incredibly original cash, cars, and women theme. On the other hand, it was really cool to see the 2pac biopic starting to finally come to life. There have been rumors about it for a while, but a teaser trailer should ignite that movement. In the world of late night, both Fallon and Colbert found a way to inject some mindless comedy into an otherwise harsh week. Like only Fallon can, he teamed up with The Rock for an extremely awkward promo scene, while Colbert found an entertaining way to explain Net Neutrality in layman terms. I'm not sure I was able to keep up with a lot what the guy was saying on the roller coaster, but hey, kudos for the attempt to make the topic more exciting...#NetNeutrality
Bassnectar - Reaching Out (Video)

Major Lazer feat Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Mad Cobra - Night Riders (Video)

All Eyez on Me (2pac Biopic) (Teaser Trailer)

Jimmy Fallon and The Rock Are Awkward Prom Dates

Colbert Explains Net Neutrality on a Roller Coaster

Photo Credit: YouTube


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