Monday, June 20, 2016

"Home is What You Are to Me Girl"

As someone who just went through planning and executing a wedding, I can appreciate a fresh new wedding song. It's amazing how many re-tread songs there are out there from first dances to daddy/daughter dances to the reception, it's a whole lot of the same catalog being picked over for decades. And that's exactly why Ne-Yo deserves so much credit. Being equipped with the songwriting and vocals made him uniquely qualified to sing his own wedding night ballad. Sure, it's all good in studio, but then the emotions from the day of the wedding kick in and you get a genuine moment. Fast forward to the 8:26 mark of the video below to see Ne-Yo start to perform the song and get a bit choked up...
That was a touching moment and to make it all more impressive, he released a studio quality version of the song on his Soundcloud this week. He didn't have to release something so personal for everyone else to benefit, but he did and now anyone planning a wedding should be giving this a look. Especially if the couple has been through some "I wonder if they're going to make it through this fight" types of trials and tribulations as a couple. The song focuses on the importance of having a connection between two people and anything else beyond that not mattering one bit. It's a touching track y'all, I hope you were as moved as I was by it all...#Two

Ne-Yo - Two


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