Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"All My Friends Are Wasted, And I Hate This Club"

There are maybe five to ten songs a year that I get excited enough to nominate for song of the year. For me, Snakehips' track with Chance the Rapper and Tinashe deserves to be in that conversation. Coincidentally, the video for All My Friends was released back in October, but it didn't land on iTunes/Spotify until recently. But you know me, better late than never when it comes to posting a track that resonates with me.

Why do I like the track so much you ask? To put it simply it gives me the feels because it takes me back to the struggles of my early 20s. That feeling of going out to the bar every weekend and forcing yourself to be social because that's what our generation does after college on weekends is amplified to the max on the track. Add to that the settling for relationships and hook ups that are unfulfilling and you get a picture that looks exactly like what the track below describes. And boy does it describe it well with an somber, yet uplifting tone from a hook from Tinashe and stellar verse from Chance the Rapper. It's a smooth R&B track with an addicting, sing-along hook with lyrics that are easy to relate to. If you're like me and get an emotional boost from churning up the struggles of years past, this one will hit home...#AllMyFriends


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