Monday, June 27, 2016

"Unwrap That Candy, Baby She Got a Tootsie Roll"

Who could resist a dancing donkey piñata? I for one cannot, which is why I so quickly gravitated toward Dillon Francis's new one Candy. With a production assist from GTA and vocal assist from Snappy Jit, there's plenty of Moombahton goodness below. I'm trying to figure out whether Snappy's chipmunk style is completely synthesized or whether that's just the way he gets down. Either way, you'll definitely yourself shakin' it and/or droppin' it to the floor with this one. Good luck wrapping your head around the randomness of the video for it below. It starts out static like a lyric video, but then finds itself in this weird half-assed not quite a real video, but not a lyric video state. Maybe he's onto something new, but good luck topping it whoever decides to copy it...#Candy


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