Sunday, June 26, 2016

I'd Like to Welcome Everyone to the Ninth Parallel

In the world of EDM, there's plenty of room for genuinely talented pianists who enjoy energetic music. The more classically trained artists like Zedd, GRiZ and Big Gigantic who decide to make a career as a DJ, the better off we'll all be in the long run. I say that because when all your music isn't synthesized, there's another level of craft that gets injected into the music that helps separate the talented producers from the teenagers with a MacBook and a fancy software. Call me a purist or traditionalist, but I've always appreciated when DJs could step out from behind the turntables and flip an acoustic version of their hit song rocking only a piano.

This all matters because Ninth Parallel's claim to fame has always been flipping piano covers of hits like Sam Smith's Stay With Me or Porter Robinson's Sea of Voices. I find it extremely hard hating one bit on those covers because they do a great job of stripping down the tracks to their elemental form. Now, onto his splashy lead single Infinitum. The word I'd use to describe the track is impressive. I know the Madeon comparisons will come out of the woodwork since the vibe of the track sounds a lot like his style. Maybe that's because he opened for him back in 2014 in the ATL, but I'd like to think Ninth Parallel brings a different dynamic. Yes, Infinitum is an energetic, balls to the wall burst of energy, but I love how he took the last two minutes of the track to end on a non-synth note. It's those types of wild tempo and energy difference that I find fascinating when an artist can pull it off tastefully. I really hope this is the first of much more to come from Ninth because I'm a huge fan of what he's done up until this point...#Infinitum

Ninth Parallel - Infinitum


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