Sunday, May 24, 2015

"That's What Happens When the Kitty's in the Lions Den"

Before you let the cart get too far in front of the horse, know that I'm going to resist using the phrase Detox in this post. Sure, it's awesome that a "new" single from Dr. Dre emerged on the front page of the internet today, but we've been okey doked many times before by the good doctor regarding his mythical album. Let's stick to the facts on this one folks. First off it's awesome to hear a verse from both Kendrick and Dr. Dre on the same track. Second, Jeremih's hook makes 2nite perfectly suitable for Top 40 radio. I'm even more hesitant to use the D word because the thuggish R&B sound of the track isn't exactly what you'd expect as a first single for a Dr. Dre album. Nonetheless, it's good to hear some fresh new material from Dre and if this is in fact the fossil discovery that leads to Jurassic World, then I'm with you, I'd love to look back on this track and say "this is where the ball finally got rolling"....#2nite

Dr. Dre feat Kendrick Lamar & Jeremih - 2nite


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