Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"You're Never Too Young to Die"

Now that Hip Hop/EDM collaborations are becoming more and more frequent, I'm gaining a greater appreciation for the ones that are done well. By done well, I mean you can tell there isn't a verse by a Hip Hop artist pasted on top of some synthesizers haphazardly. If you're looking for a benchmark for fluid, extremely well executed cross-genre collaborations, Zedd's new track sets the bar for just that. Press play below for context.

Not only does the beat reel you in from the start, there's an excellent vocal presence on the track provided by the X Ambassadors. The track would have been just fine with the X Ambassadors harmonizing over the beat, but Logic's lyrical gymnastics took it to another level. I'd call it a deadly trifecta because it has everything from the cross-genre novelty to a great hook. If you're eager to cop the track it will surface on Zedd's new album, True Colors, in a week's time. By my count, the album already has three really solid singles, which elevates it to purchase worthy status...#TrueColors


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