Saturday, May 09, 2015

Avicii & Nina Simone Inspire Good Feelings

We've all been waiting patiently for new music from Avicii and this week it finally arrived in the form of an interesting remake of Nina Simone's classic Feeling Good. If you've been following Avicii the past year, you're like me and have been waiting with bated breath as one health concern after another came to light. In the video below Avicii seems to be turning over a new leaf. All the fame and fortune seemingly led him down a path that didn't allow him to be himself or fully grasp the contribution he's made to music.

While I wouldn't characterize his new track as something I'd expect from him musically, I'm more than willingly to get behind the symbolism of the track. There's no electronics at all, but it's a beautiful cover that absolutely did justice to the original, which is no small task. If Tim has been missing from Avicii's music, then I'm excited to get to meet the new version of him. It may only be the intro track to celebrate him coming back to life, but I'm stoked for what's coming next...#FeelingGood


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