Thursday, May 14, 2015

"I'll Be Gone For You Know Each Other"

Before you get too excited about the track below, know that this is more of a unreleased blast from the past than a new single. Yes, his new album will be titled Stories and this probably won't be on it, but nonetheless, it's always good to hear new music from Avicii. Like most of his tracks, there's a story-like progression to the track with plenty of piano and a bit of acoustic guitar laying the ground work for soothing vocals. Assist goes to Joakim Berg for providing yet another stellar vocal effort on an Avicii track. It's fun, easy-listening stuff that is much more intricate that you and I can ever wrap our head around, but that's also part of the allure. Here's to hoping that we'll continue to be privy to new music from Avicii who seems to be on the comeback trail as we speak...#Avicii

Avicii feat Joakim Berg - I'll Be Gone


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