Tuesday, May 05, 2015

"Baby Don't You Come My Waaaay"

This is going to sound completely foolish, but I was sleepin' on Fetty Wap until Matt & Kim (out of all people) got hype on stage last week to Trap Queen. I'll let you try and wrap your head around that for a minute before I continue. What I do know is Matt & Kim were on my concert bucket list for a reason and they did not disappoint. Keep it locked for a concert review in the coming days.

Anyways, back to Fetty Wap, the Haitian kid from Jersey on a fierce come up thanks to Trap Queen, which peaked at #3 on Billboard recently. In case you were thinking he's a one hit wonder, a Drake co-sign on his latest single, My Way, should take care of that assumption. It follows the same bouncy, sing-songy style that got everyone's attention on his lead single. Comparatively speaking, he's light years ahead of the garbage that is ILoveMakeonnen, but he still has plenty of room to impress before becoming a household name. If you're looking for a sexy new Hip Hop stock to buy, this might be your last shot to get in before the major labels start jumping in on Willie Maxwell...#MyWayRemix

Fetty Wap & Drake (Remy Boyz) - My Way (Remix)


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