Monday, May 25, 2015

"Baby, You're Like Lightning in a Bottle"

99% of the time I'm focused forward with music trying to seek out new tracks with the potential to impact listeners. Whether it's happiness, frustration, elation, excitement, there's a place in life for music that moves people. Not often enough do I go back and sort through music of the past year to re-evaluate songs that I didn't quite give the attention they deserved.

That being said...this weekend I dusted a lesser known one off the shelf and couldn't stop listening to it all weekend. BØRNS' Electric Love is a song that you will remember no matter how many times you listen to it. If I were asked to describe the vocals of Garrett Borns on the track, I'd liken his high pitched harmony to Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale or Queen's Freddie Mercury. The drum beat lead in for the song will remind you of Beautiful People, but only for a few seconds before that catchy as hell guitar riff comes in. It's about as pop rock as you get, but the memorable vocals and easy-listening sound make it a smart addition to just about any playlist. If you're looking for more from BØRNS, check out his Candy EP and the acoustic version of the track that he did with Zella Day...#ElecticLove

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