Saturday, May 02, 2015

"Bang That 'Til You Pass Out"

If you've ever wondered what 90s pop music would sound like mashed with new school House music, Disclosure has your answer. I say 1990s because it reminds me of so many group exercise hits that were released in that decade. Below is an detailed example of what I mean by 1990s group exercise music...
Gotta love the 90s! Anyways, Bang That is a fun combination of addictive vocal samples and a rolling beat that fluctuates tempo masterfully. If you loved Disclosure's debut album Settle, you have to be excited about their new single because it's an indication that their sophomore album is well on the way. There aren't too many groups that do pop Dance music as well as they do, so if you were looking for permission to get pumped, you now have it...#BangThat

Disclosure - Bang That


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