Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Baauer Unleashes Unspeakably Awesome Tell Me Remix

When a new EDM track is played live for the first time, I'm usually really hesitant to post it because of quality issues. Sometimes waiting for months to post a track can be agonizing, but I like to err on the conservative side because I'd be pissed as an artist if a low quality leak with the camera bouncing all over the place was the way that my new creation was leaked to the masses.

Tonight I'm going to make an exception to that unwritten rule for a couple reasons. 1) I already posted the original version of the track back in March and 2) What Baauer did to the original version of RL Grime and What So Not's Tell Me should be considered illegal it was so filthy. Whatever you do, don't skip around when listening to the live version below. Even though the first minute and a half sound identical to the original, what follows is a trap masterpiece. I need not say anymore, press play below and witness a music and light display that will amaze...#Baauer


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