Sunday, December 07, 2014

Empire of the Sun Lead the Way on Dumb & Dumber To

It's been a quiet week on Hip Hop and EDM front. Between the holiday season and an industry wide fixation on the issue of police violence, there are a lot of distractions away from the usual. So let's take a walk off the beaten path toward some 1980s style synth pop, cool?

From what I've heard, Dumb and Dumber To was downright atrocious, which is a shame because the Farrelly brothers usually don't disappoint. Movie aside, the soundtrack has turned into an interesting listen thanks to Empire of the Sun. The Aussie pop/synth band contributed three of the twelve tracks on the soundtrack. Of the three, Wandering Star stood out as the most easy-listening and fresh. It's definitely super 1980s sounding (similar to their live performance), but like many music released before 1990, I can handle throwback styles in bits and pieces. It's parachute pants and patterned sweaters time y'all, vibe out to this one...#WanderingStar

Empire Of The Sun – Wandering Star


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