Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Timeflies is IN LOVE With the Cocoa

Just when you thought we had made it all the way through the holiday season without a CoCo parody, Timeflies swoops in at the 23rd hour to save the day. I rarely post before and after videos in one post, but you have to watch the original video to understand just how on point Timeflies' holiday baking version is in comparison. First, check out O.T. Genasis's new addicting single about his favorite drug of choice that is up to 32 million views...

Yea, I'm still a little unsure of how something so repeatable and top 40 radio sounding could be so wrong for top 40 radio. I'm still incredibly interested to see how the radio version gets censored because much of it has to do with slang, generally non-vulgar terms.

Original version aside, Timeflies nailed the holiday version by capturing the seriousness and imitating the same types of camera angles/video effects. I mean even the melted snowman cookies have a thugged out look on their faces at the 2:32 mark. There's so much yes that is centered around the sarcasm and creativity of the lyrics. I've lauded the duo before regarding their entertaining videos, but they really out-did themselves with this one...#ImInLoveWithTheCocoa

Photo Credit: YouTube


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