Monday, December 08, 2014

"Tell Me Which Side You're On"

Having recently acquired a taste for Madeon, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by his new music. I really enjoyed his most recent loud and aggressive single Imperium, but it didn't tell the whole story. Not that I'm claiming his previous single plus his new single You're On gives the full picture, but they are definitely very different tracks.

Where Imperium absolutely got after it with a hard hitting chord progression, his new one takes on a much more funky, feel good vibe. With the help of Kyan on the vocals, there's a head-nod worthy affordance that goes quite well with the sing-along vocals. If I were forced to compare it to another artist, I'd say it the carefree element that the majority of Passion Pit songs have. By my count Madeon is two for two with about nine or ten more tracks that have yet to be released on his new album Adventure...#YoureOn


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