Monday, December 29, 2014

We're Lucky to Have HudMo on Our Advent Calendar

First off, my bad, I totally slept on LuckyMe's Advent Calendar this year. Last year I spent the majority of December raving about anything and everything that was released from one of the UK's finest record labels. After realizing my gaffe, I quickly narrowed in on a no-brainer favorite out of the 25 tracks that were released.

Prior to this post I hadn't heard anything from Four Tet, but what HudMo did to their original version of Parallel Jalebi is deserving of much praise. Below is the original for reference...
While the original maintains it's chill vibe throughout the entire track, HudMo decided to chop it up by adding a bit of his own flair. The hymnal samples are still there, but there must have been something about that kick in the beat that drew HudMo in because he killed it. By adding in some aggressive synths to the original beat, there's a much more energetic vibe to the track that divides it into a distinct beginning, middle and end. Given, it's probably an unfinished product and that was why it was released for free, but damn, HudMo can do no wrong right now as he rapidly ascends to greatness...#LuckyMeAdvent

Four Tet - Parallel Jalebi (Hudson Mohawke Remix)


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