Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Alicia Keys Focuses Us Forward With We Gotta Pray

Sometimes songs are released at the perfect moment. That moment when it seems like the world is fixated on conflict, yet it gives us all a positive glimmer of hope. The glimmer of hope I speak of is Alicia Keys new song We Gotta Pray that attempts to get us all pointed in the right direction among all the negativity surrounding the violence in Ferguson.

The use of powerful adjectives sprinkled among real life images of the struggle in Missouri do an adequate job of capturing the essence of what is going on right now. There are few artists that can match Alicia's inspirational delivery and gentle piano keys. Although I still credit Killer Mike for having the most practical view throughout all of this mess, I'm going to give Alicia the nod for using her power of inspiration to get us all to focus back on what matters...having faith that if we all treat each with respect and focus on love, we can all get through this together...#WeGottaPray


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