Monday, December 01, 2014

Kygo Drops Tropical House Gem Firestone

Woooooow! If anyone is wondering exactly what this Tropical House movement is all about, I would point them directly toward Kygo's new single Firestone. With the help of Conrad, Kygo put together ballad that falls somewhere between serene and jammin'. Unlike most forms of EDM, bass serves as a supporting element to the overall sound. The piano and soothing synths set the tone, serving as the lead blocker for the harmony that comes when all the melodic elements come together as one.

The funny part about all this is that everyone harps on Kygo for being a one-trick remix pony. It's as if great remixes fall off trees these days because people demand original creations before handing out legit dap these days. Go 'head Kygo, frame this one, put it on the wall and give all the haters one of these...
Do yourself and your music collection a solid by heading on over to iTunes for the real thing...#Firestone

Kygo feat Conrad - Firestone


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