Friday, December 12, 2014

Videos of the Week December 12th

If I was pressured to pick two adjectives to describe this week's top 5 6 videos, I'd say interesting and unique. Lead by the powerful performance of Bed of Lies Nicki Minaj & Skylar Grey, the week started off on a high point. If there's any possibility of me seeing Skylar Grey in concert, you better believe I will be taking full advantage of that opportunity. On the documentary front, Beyonce released an 11 minute short film to prove to all of us that she's a human just like everyone else. Time will tell whether her attempt at empathy will continue to positively shape her brand.

The two real music videos came from Sam Smith's new single Like I Can and Imagine Dragon's I Bet My Life. Sam is getting close to an entire album of singles now, and the Imagine Dragons are seriously ramping up for their sophomore effort. And in case you need some feel good vibes for the holiday season, feel free to check out the supermarket "This Little Light of Mine" flash mob or the Christmas light choreography to Frozen's Let it Go...#ThisLittleLightofMine
Nicki Minaj feat Skylar Grey - Bed of Lies (Live on SNL)
Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (Video) Beyonce's Yours and Mine Short Film
Sam Smith - Like I Can (Video) This Little Light of Mine Supermarket Flash Mob Bonus Video: Frozen Christmas Lights
Photo Credit: YouTube


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