Wednesday, December 10, 2014

If Only We Knew Whether Superheroes Got Along...

Man, it's hard to come up with words that can express the entertainment value of the video below. Like only Cal and Rob can do, they took a great song and picked something thematically appropriate to use a fuel for their most recent rendition of Timeflies Tuesday. This time, they picked up a bunch of superhero action figures and Cal did lyrical summersault's all over the beat.

As if the hype freestyle wasn't enough, there's about a minute of hilariously vulgar superhero conversations between the action figures at the end of the video. Ever wonder what batman thinks of Aquaman? Ever wonder just how much bigger Thor is than Batman? Does Batman have a thing for wonder woman? All of those questions and more are addressed, so don't quit on the video after the beat ends...#TimefliesTuesday


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