Monday, December 22, 2014

Jodeci Makes a Comeback Against Domestic Violence

Man, when was the last time you hear a new track from Jodeci? The tastemakers of 1990s R&B have not released a track for over 18 years, which probably dates a portion of the people reading this post. For those who have not heard of Jodeci, you need to catch up here, here, and definitely here.

Classics aside, I can think of no better comeback message than sending a clear message against domestic violence. Maybe the NFL should adopt this as a theme song rather than releasing commercials that come off a bit contrived? Kudos to Jodeci and Bobby Ray for putting together a lyric video for Nobody Wins that is as in your face as it is helpful. It doesn't get more in your face than putting the phone number in a huge font with big bold red lyrics that bring attention to the issue. On a music note, hopefully this sparks a rejuvenation of R&B in 2015. The genre as a whole has lacked star power lately, so it would be nice to have some of the heavy hitting, brand name players come back with vengeance...#NobodyWins


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