Thursday, May 01, 2014

All Felli Fel Wanna Do is Have Some Fun

What an odd collection of noteworthy Hip Hop artists on one track. Just looking at the artists on the track, it's hard to predict what to expect. Maybe my mental model is off because I still see Juicy J and think 100 proof Southern Hip Hop, but I didn't see an upbeat dance hit on first glance. With DJ Felli Fel at the helm, that's exactly what transpired on Have Some Fun. Cee-Lo Green drives the club friendly single with the help of Pitbull who found himself at home on the borderline modern disco hit. Now word yet on when Felli Fel's new album is dropping, but I will say that I appreciate his style over DJ Khaled's. Both DJs have the ability to bring epic collaboartions together, the only difference is the lack of yelling and personal promotion. Tip of the cap Felli Fel, let your work speak for itself...#HaveSomeFun

DJ Felli Fel feat Pitbull, Juicy J, Cee Lo - Have Some Fun (prod by DJ Felli Fel)


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