Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Midweek Dose of Audio Sunshine

For those in need of a positive energy boost to get you through the mid-week doldrums, I got you. With the help of UK producer Slinger, all of you worries will melt away after a few listens of his remix of Pharrell's Brand New. Sure, it helps that Justin Timberlake's vocals play well on a funky dance track, but I have no problem admitting that this little slice of modern disco eclipses the original version. Between the vibrant bassline and cheery cover art, you might as well start getting in a good mood before pressing play below because it's a forgone conclusion. In case you missed it, Pharrell's album GIRL is pretty dope and deserving of your attention too...#BrandNew

Pharrell - Brand New (Slinger Remix)


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