Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Take it From the Girl You Claimed to Love"

Despite the fact that BANKS' debut album isn't scheduled to drop until September, here comes single number three from Goddess. On her new one, Drowning, there's more than a little bit of vindictiveness in the mix. The sentiment comes across with lines like "all of your words, they have been cursed with dishonesty" and "take it from the girl you claimed to love, you gonna get some bad karma." Instead of taking a melancholy, haunting tone like many of her others, the track takes a more passive aggressive vibe. All things considered, it's an easy-listening track detailing the pitfalls of being on the losing end of a relationship. Chalk up another one for the rising star that is known by the name of BANKS...#Drowning

BANKS - Drowning


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