Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"I Feel it in My Bones, I Feel it"

With the release of deadmau5's new album while(1<2) about three weeks away, I'm finding myself wishing I had heard more from the album. The lead track on the album, Avarita, provided a great kick start to the album, but with 27 tracks on the disc there is a great deal of unexplored territory.

Enter Seeya, featuring the vocals of Colleen D'Agostino. It's a bit more funk filled and bouncy than I would have expected from deadmau5, but you're not going to hear me complaining. I love me some Kill Paris and the track below has a similar kind of vibe. That makes two emphatic check marks down for while(1<2) with plenty more to come...#while

deadmau5 feat. Colleen D'Agostino - Seeya


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