Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Go Ahead Illuminate and Shine On"

With four solid tracks already on the table, Afrojack has another up his sleeve in the form of Illuminate with Matthew Koma. Last year I fell in love with his Sovereign Light Cafe Remix. This year I was a fan of Ten Feet Tall, The Spark (my favorite) and his new one with Snoop called Dynamite. Needless to say, when his upcoming album, Forget the World, hits e-stores next week on May 19th, there will be an abundance of reasons why it would be a smart purchase.

One of the biggest reasons that I enjoy Afrojack's music is because it's versatile. He's not a one trick pony DJ, he can cater to the club audience, Hip Hop crowd and even the top 40 EDM ballad crowd with singles like the one below. Illuminate is definitely on the easy listening, chill side, but it has a lively, uplifting chord progression post-drop. Shoot there may have even been a hint of tropical house sprinkled in before the verses if you listen close. Feel free and stash this one on the piok-me-up playlist right next to Ten Feet Tall...#ForgetTheWorld

Afrojack feat Matthew Koma - Illuminate


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