Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"I Coulda Died But I Came Out Fighting"

"So many candles on that birthday cake, might set that thang on fiya"

Despite the fact that Lupe Fiasco has ruffled a lot of feathers over the years through his antagonistic and politically motivated rhymes, there's no question that he has the heart of an activist. So many people of influence talk about doing good things and find a way to donate to a list of hand picked charities that eminently afford them nice tax breaks, but Lupe is about action. He's shed a ton of light on the violence in Chicago recently, which has helped evolve the public discussion about the issues surrounding the rampant violence. With a new album on the horizon, he's shifted his focus to a new fight...cancer.

The week he debuted his lead single, Mission, off his upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album. He explained it best by saying...
‘Mission’ is a track to empower those facing cancer, revere cancer survivors and remember those who have passed to due to cancer related illnesses. With an inspiring introduction from various cancer survivors telling their story, anchored by legendary singer/songwriter and cancer survivor Charlie Wilson, ‘Mission’ has Lupe Fiasco expressing stories of the emotional burden of cancer, while also working to uplift those in an effort to help fight the disease. In support of ‘Mission,’ Lupe has joined Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a grassroots movement to raise funds to accelerate the pace of cancer research, as a celebrity ambassador. Together, Lupe and Stand Up To Cancer are planning various collaborations tied to the track that will be unveiled later this year. http://www.standup2cancer.org'
Below is the track that starts after a 1:30 sec intro...
You'd be hard pressed not to be impressed by Mission. The song has limitless potential to serve as an inspirational anthem for so many people affected by cancer. It's clear that Lupe went out of his way to shout out as many types of cancer in an attempt to give strength to those who truly need it. It's exciting to hear about the Lupe and Stand Up to Cancer collaboration and I really hope it puts a huge dent in this seemingly endless fight. This is what music has the power to do and I hope more artists take note and use their influence for good...#Mission


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