Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Touching You Feels So Right, Let Me Satisfy"

When it comes to unique styles within EDM suited to my personal tastes, you won't find a closer match than Nero. Having grown up idolizing Outkast's ability to mix drum n bass into Hip Hop, I've always been fond of the heavy and repetitive drum rhythms. Having shifted my focus toward EDM over the past year or so, I've grown fond of what artists like Skrillex, Rusko and Diplo have crafted in the name of dubstep. When combined altogether, you get a mix of all my favorites, which is why Nero is hands down one of my favorites.

A few years back when I saw Nero in concert at the Electric Factory in Philly, my face nearly melted with their high energy set. They played all their best music from their now classic album Welcome Reality. Keeping all that in mind, my day was made yesterday when they released a new lead single in the form of Satisfy. On the track, Alana Watson provides her usual eerily seductive intro that gives way to a rolling bassline that would be appropriate for a police chase scene. Such an awesome example of drum n bass. If this track is any indication of what's to come from Nero, they just might have a shot at equaling their last album's success...#Satisfy

Nero - Satisfy


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