Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wale's New Track Off the Million Dollar Arm Soundtrack

Middle eastern flavored Hip Hop? That's the interesting new angle that Wale took on his new Keep the Hustle track off the upcoming Million Dollar Arm Soundtrack. The Indian influence injected by Slumdog composer A.R. Rahman is palpable on the beat and vocals, reflecting the core theme of an Indian cricket player making it to the Major Leagues. Check the trailer below if you haven't seen it yet...

Not sure I'm totally buying in on the movie's plot, but I'll admit, I've always wondered how transferable the skills were between cricket and baseball. It's really early, but the movie is about 50/50 on Rotten Tomatoes. Not enough of a sample size for me to be convinced, but between the track below and Iggy Azalea's Million Dollar Dream song, I'd say the Million Dollar Arm soundtrack has some potential...#KeepTheHustle

Wale - Keep the Hustle


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