Monday, May 26, 2014

"Will You Be My Life Support?

Sam Smith is taking the whole BMM vibe a step further with Life Support. Sure, there are a million "I can't do without you" or "you're the air I breathe" love songs, but telling someone they're your life support? That's a new, heavy way to say that you care about somebody.

There's a whole lot of falsetto and subsequent display of vocal range goin' on below. It's one of those last of a dying breed, modern slow jams. Crusade on Sam, I can't be the only damn-near 30 year old who grew up on slow jams and wishes there were more like Life Support. His new album In the Lonely Hour is due out in about three weeks, so follow my lead and circle that day on your calendar...#LifeSupport

Sam Smith - Life Support


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